Fun days are important when it comes to team building, networking and bonding. In our case we hold fun days because it is a way of bringing the sickle cell champions together. We meet new people, make friends, learn from each other’s experience and above all experience happiness.

The fun days are characterized by a number of games both for adults and children. We play together dance and have group discussions just to hear from each one of us and how the journey has been so far. From this discussion we get to understand if there is anyone among us who is in dire need of urgent help in as far as their health is concerned.

Fun days have the biggest turnout compared to the other events the reason is very simple; People love having fun. They like outdoor activities where they let loose. The smiles, laughter and children jumping around is just heavenly. We forget of the pain, stigma and worry for a moment. Fun days help us release stress and understand each other as one big family.